Nairi & Ararat 2015 Events in Review


  • 2015- Hrashk Easter Egg Hunt Day
  • 2015- Hrashk Mothers Day
  • 2015- Hrashk Make Your Own Pizza Day
  • 2015- Hrashk Halloween Party
  • 2015- Hrashk Christmas Party


  • 2015- Toomanian School Newsletter
  • 2015- Toomanian School Easter Celebration Day
  • 2015- Armenian Minister of Diaspora Affairs Hranush Hacobyan Visit
  • 2015- Toomanian School Mothers Day
  • 2015- Independence Day Armenia Celebration (with Tarkmanchatz School)
  • 2015- Sydney Languages Festival Event (the Armenian Language Represented)
  • 2015- Master Varazdat Hambardzumyan Khachkar Day
  • 2015- Toomanian School Appeal Day (through Mission Armenia)
  • 2015- Toomanian School Xmas Celebration Day
  • 2015- Toomanian School End of Year Concert


  • 2015- Eurovision Finals LIVE Telecast Event


  • 2015- Ararat Sports Table Tennis in Hyundai Bennelong Cup   
  • 2015- Ararat Sports Presentation Day
  • 2015- Ararat Sports Juniors Gold Coast Trip 
  • 2015- Ararat Sports Participation in PAN Games Armenia
  • 2015- Ararat Sports Athletics Carnival
  • 2015- Ararat Games
  • 2015- Ararat Sports Start of Season AraratFC Juniors Party
  • 2015- Ararat Sports Juniors Strike Bowling Event
  • 2015- Ararat Sports Juniors Sydney Kings Game
  • 2015- Ararat Sports AraratFC Presentation Night
  • 2015- Navasartian Games


  • 2015- Ararat Scouts Mothers Day
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts Night Camp (included compass and tent work, badge work, songs/chants, trivia, rally race, knots, first aid and a movie)
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts Annual Scout Hike with over 1000 Scouts and 800 Patrol Groups
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts FX Zone Trampoline Park Visit
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts Winter Camp in Cataract Scout Park
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts Unveiling of the Khachkar dedicated to 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts Fathers Day
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts Fund Raising Drives through Bunnings
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts The Epic Breakfast
  • 2015- Ararat Scouts End of Year Ceremony


  • 2015- Nairi Choir Group Armenian Gala Evening 
  • 2015- Nairi & Ararat Organisation Fundraising Dinner – Nairi Dance Group attended with over 40 representatives
  • 2015- Hamlet Gevorkyan and Zarouhi Babayan Evening at the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club and to welcome Armenian Minister of Diaspora
  • 2015- Armenian Festival Event in Sydney Darling Harbour organised by Armenian National Committee of Australia – Nairi Dance Group performed with Junior and Senior Dancers as well as managed and ran one of the kebab stalls with over 5000 visitors
  • 2015- Armenian Genocide 100th Centenary Event(s)
  • 2015- Nairi Dance Group performed at the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Cultural evening at the Chatswood Concourse Theatre, hosted by the Genocide Committee Komite
  • 2015- An evening performed by the Nairi Dance Group Seniors (with 40 dancers) in Melbourne in collaboration with Azad Gharibian Dance Group of Melbourne
  • 2015- Nairi Dance Group Sydney Annual Concert – I remember – I demand at the Chatswood Concourse Theatre – the Seniors and Juniors perform to a sold out event
  • 2015- Ararat Games – Nairi Dance Group the Seniors organised, managed and ran kiosk(s) for over 500 athletes and supporters
  • 2015- ARF 125th Anniversary Event – organised by Dro Komite in the Chatswood Concourse Theatre Nairi Dance Group the Seniors and Juniors Group performed alongside international singers from Armenia
  • 2015- ANC Annual Banquet Dinner in the Miramare Gardens Terry Hills – the Nairi Dance Group Seniors participated with 4 dances
  • 2015- A Christmas Party in the Ararat Hall organised by Nairi Dance Representative Council
  • 2015- Masha Mnjoyan Sydney Concert – Armenian Voice Winner together with participation of various local artist performances as well as performance by the Nairi Dance Group Juniors
  • 2015- Nairi and Ararat Organisation Appreciation Evening
  • 2015- Nairi & Ararat Organisation NYE Dinner Dance Party


  • 2015- Garoon Magazine Publication – February to December Issues