Youth Group

About Ararat Youth Group

Ararat Youth Group was formed in 2012 with the support of Hamazkaine Nairi and Homenetmen Ararat Chapters.


A social group that has energetic & talented members of the Armenian youth that show commitment and wish to participate and have social interaction occur within the Armenian community through an Armenian framework with the helpful guidance and leadership of Ararat.


  1. To target and bring together Armenians between the ages of 15-18 and over 18s through the organisation and creation of various Armenian social and cultural events with the pure ambition of keeping the Armenian Soul alive.
  2. To bring together Armenian youth in various activities and showcases, particularly through the arts and other social means of interaction for the Armenian cultural identity to prosper.
  3. To help Next Generation grow as a community, remain strong together and to promote & recognise their Armenian heritage.

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